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1) Complete facility management of the acquisition 

2) Assembling core principles of cooperation / timetable of various steps during the acquisition / Organisation, management and leadership during the individual steps of:

  • the whole acquisition
  • subsequent participation of investors in the company (cooperation schemes, refund of the resources etc.)

3) Promissory (preliminary) agreements / Term Sheets for projects and conditions for entering projects etc.

4) Custody agreements / contracts regarding deposit / purchase price

5) Legal due diligence / Assessing the risks and their possible solutions

6) Contract of purchase / Acquisition contract (Contractual documentation for the whole process)

7) Pledges, promissory notes, guaranties, deposits (if necessary)

8) Other contracts related to acquisition, securing investments

9) Contractual documentation for construction / reconstruction 

10) Declaration of specification (determination) of flats 

11) Contractual documentation for final transfers of flats to final owners (here we should agree whether to assess the value of it)

  • Promissory (preliminary) agreements / Term Sheets (standardised version)
  • Custody agreement regarding purchase price + custody (standardised version)
  • Contract of purchase (standardised version),
  • Registration of the new owner in the Land Register.

12) It is also possible to secure sale / lease of property (according to the fee of a real estate agency)